Imagery – Lyrical and Visual Storytelling

Are you looking to portrait your (sustainable) business to your audience in an authentic way?

Hi, my name is Lisa
Storyteller: Writer, Filmmaker & Photographer

I love storytelling. I assist (sustainable) companies with growing their impact and contributing to a better world. I do this by helping them bringing their message across through words and images. I own both a bachelors and masters degree in Business Administration, specialised in change management & consultancy, data analytics, marketing and communication. I worked for the director of Business Operations of the municipality of Amsterdam for 3 years. This was followed by half a year with a FinTech PR agency as both PR Strategist and Content Writer. Now, combining business consulting and creativity, I love bringing the story of a companies’ philosophy to the public. I’m focussing on writing about current topics in (sustainable) business and FinTech. Whether you need (thought leadership) articles, website content or other types of content, feel free to contact me! I’m very curious as to who you are, what you stand for and what you need.

Kind words from kind people

“Lisalotte has made tremendous contributions to building our brand awareness in the Netherlands. Thanks to her dedicated efforts and punctuality as an account executive we were always on top of our progress and could adjust our strategy where needed. As a content writer, she helped craft high-quality content pieces and secured publications in leading outlets, which contributed positively to our position in the market. I can certainly recommend Lisalotte as a great partner for your content writing and PR activities.” Marc Tromp, Business Development Manager Sastrify

“Lisalotte very quickly was able to understand the company’s needs and the values and storytelling of our brand. She refined our communication, adapting it to the Dutch reality. Always delivering on time, great structure in her work and great interpersonal skills made it a pleasure to work with Lisalotte.” Morten Kwam, CEO Skogluft

“Lisa has incredible perception and understanding of brands. Her work was instrumental for us to show and understand the lifestyle aspect of our brand.”
Fabian Hühne, Founder and CEO Syllucid

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