Whether you are managing an established business or a startup, or you are an entrepreneur dreaming of running your own business one day, displaying your product in a way that truly does it justice will help you reach your next goal. Let me help you capture your product in the right environment, telling the story of why it is sustainable, vegan and/or ethical. Feel free to contact me and together we will realise what you have in mind.


Charging cable

“You did a fantastic job on just capturing the cable in action. We did a lifestyle shoot and most of the pictures are not as good as you did here.” – Founder of Syllucid

Marble represents the raw materials such as ethically sourced gold and the plant represents sustainability.


Erasable notebooks

Handmade in their sheltered employment.


Cross body phone cases

German company that produces phone cases out of biodegradable materials.


Sustainable beauty products


Vitamin gummies (vegan)

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