Here you’ll find my favourite hotspots in Amsterdam, restaurant reviews & recipes.

Hi, I’m Lisalotte. I love rediscovering Amsterdam over and over again through all the lovely places and nice spots they have created while keeping in mind the planet, the animals and the people.

Top 3 Weekend Tips in Amsterdam (17 -19 December 2021)

Have you started counting down the hours until the weekend starts? I sure have! If yours starts tonight (lucky you) make sure to check out the glühwalk tonight or the silent disco on ice tomorrow afternoon! If not, no worries, there is plenty to do on Saturday and Sunday as well. Wishing you a wonderful […]

Fermented Food Hotspots in Amsterdam

I went on a journey to find fermented foods in Amsterdam. The result? I met some wonderful people who make very flavourful and colourful creations and they kindly shared their products, recipes and knowledge with me. I even came across a kimchi hotel! It appears the world of fermented foods is plentiful and very interesting. […]

Kimchi Recipe by Former Instock Cook Iines Råmark

I love fermented food! The tastes are so unique and it helps me a lot with my digestive system. Here is a kimchi recipe by experienced kimchi maker and former cook at Instock Iines Råmark, a wonderful person I got in contact with on my journey in search for fermented foods in Amsterdam. She was […]

December in Amsterdam: The Most Interesting Oliebollen

An oliebol is basically a fried ball of dough. May sound gross if you never tried one, but trust me, it’s so good! This Dutch treat is traditionally served on New Year’s Eve, but during the entire month of December you can find oliebollen stands all over the Netherlands. In Amsterdam there is an oliebol […]


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