December in Amsterdam: Glühwalk Hotspots

Even without restaurants and cafes weekends in Amsterdam are not boring! Support the local bars by passing by these cosy places for a warm cup of glühwein (or glühbeer). Open Thursday through Sunday from 4 till 8 pm. Or stay inside, light some candles and make glühwein yourself.

Mucho Gusto in Vondelpark

My personal highlight of this walk: Mucho Gusto in Vondelpark. This is currently by far the most cosy place in oud-west, I go there almost every day. Not to drink glühwein every day of course ;), also to enjoy the twinkly lights and the presence of other people at a safe distance. Do not forget to wear a warm jacket!

If you are planning to take a long walk, you might want to start at Café Helmers at Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat, get your reusable bottle there and follow the route as I wrote it down end at Mucho Gusto as the highlight of your night.

Just a few blocks through some narrow streets, you can find De Italiaan on a cosy little square. They usually serve great pizza’s straight from their brick oven. Which is very cosy on summer nights and in winter as well.

Happy 2 is originally a cocktail bar where they serve creative cocktails. Now they serve good glühwein too!

Cafe-Bistro Hans en Grietje has been around since 1876 in Spiegelkwartier with a view over Rijksmuseum. The latter is very cosy during winter with a lot of twinkly lights.

Belleami is usually a bistro, but they changed into a store for the time being where you can buy beers, food, wines, champagne and delicious smoked salmon. In the weekends they make warm glühwein and soups.


Heidi’s Wintersportbar (before: De Oliebollenbar) is the place to be for crêpes, strudel, glühwein and flügel.

Get some glühbeer at Brouwerij Poesiat en Kater. They honour historic Dutch craft beers and the people who brewed them. With their historic Van Vollenhoven series, they revived recipes made in the Netherlands at the Brewery De Gekroonde Valk from 1733 to 1945. They offer 8 beers, available all year long and 3 different seasonal releases throughout the year. They also make special small batch and collaborations brews offering a wide selection of craft beers for everyone to taste. They ship their beers too!

A traditional Dutch pub is Cafe Bouwman. They usually serve over 25 types of speciality beers their kitchen is open all day.

Bistro Baret is situated next to the Carré theater and has a nice view over Amstel River.

Brewboys Bar: usually serving very special home brewed beers, currently they make delicious glühwein too.

Open since 2007 and situated on the opposite of Oosterpark, usually around this time of year Cafe Milo has a heated terrace and an all day kitchen.

The owners of Restaurant Nomads travel around the world and come home to Amsterdam full of inspiration. They currently service Vietnamese street food (and glühwein).

Situated at the bank of the Amstel Côte Wispe has an all day kitchen based on local ingredients.

Amstelhaven has the largest deck terrace of Amsterdam that is situated on the Amstel river. Hop on your boat to get there, because thus is one of the few places in Amsterdam where you can enter straight from your boat.

Also situated on the Amstel river is Bar Lempicka. They usually serve modern classic dishes from all over the world all day long.

The very cosy Maxwell Café usually organises pub quizzes on Mondays, now you can take out your glühwein and even a snack typically from Belgium and Limburg (south of the Netherlands), such as home made fries with different toppings. That is the end of your glühwalk.

Follow glühwalk on Instagram for updates! Parool did a taste test at some of these and other cafes as well.

See you there!

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