Restaurant Review: Vegan Soulfood by Mooshka

One of my favorite categories: food reviews! This time Mooshka was kind enough to let me try their lovely food. If you’re looking for a nice vegan restaurant to order from in Amsterdam, definitely consider Mooshka.

Mooshka: vegan soul food
Starting out as a take away restaurant for Injera in 2016, at Mooshka they offer a variety of vegan dishes. From authentic African dishes to old school Caribbean favorites and Southern Classics. All plant-based without changing any of the cultural heritage is what makes our dishes unique. Dishes that are on their menu and made me excited to try the vegan version of: pancakes, bitterballen, roti, nacho’s, burgers, shakes! Home made: hummus, mango cheese cake, mocktails! Avocado fries?! I became really excited to try their food!

Before we get to what I ate, I want to give you some information about Injera, as it’s a very special type of food. Injera is a sour fermented flatbread with a slightly spongy texture, traditionally made out of teff flour in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. It is central to the dining process in those cultures as bread is the most fundamental component. The making proces is really interesting. A variety of stews, salads etc are placed on the injera. Traditionally people use their right hand to take tore a piece of injera and use it to pick up some of one of the stews. The injera under these stews soaks up the juices and flavors of the foods, and after the stews and salads are gone, this bread is also consumed. The fun part is: Injera is not only a food, it’s also an edible fork and plate at the same time.

What I ate
As you can see I ate it the wrong way, now I know I was supposed to put the dishes on top of the Injera. Will do that next time! I had the Injera, Tumtumo (spicy red lentil stew), Birsen Tsebhi (spicy brown lentil stew), Shiro tsebhi (chickpea stew), Alicha (masala veggie stew), Hamli (sautéed spinach), eggplant stew (spicy), salad, a ginger beer ánd a milkshake with (vegan) whipped cream! I especially liked the Alicha and the Hamli. ‘Dig in’ is the right term when eating this dish. It’s so much fun to grab a piece of Injera and some stew just with your hands. Because of all the different stews, there are so many different flavors! It really is a feast. Oh and let’s not forget about the milkshake! It was hard to choose between te home made mango cheese cake and the milkshakes. Their milkshakes are based on rice and almond milk. I choose the Vanilla Ice Ice and it’s so creamy. The whipped cream and chocolate sauce finish it perfectly!

If you would like to try their dishes, they are open everyday from 4pm till 10 pm and here is the link to order. Let me know what you think. Also, get excited for another food review! If you have any suggestions which restaurants I should review, you can leave a comment on this post, message me on Instagram @lisalottevanos or shoot me an email via


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